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Our Shipping Information


We want you to get your order in a timely fashion and we work very diligently to keep accurate records, especially when it comes to addresses.  This is why we ask you to verify both your billing and shipping addresses.  You are the final editor and it is very important that this information is accurate.  We are not responsible for inaccuracies in the information that you have supplied to us.

Where do we ship ?

We ship to most US states .  If  a state is listed on our NO SHIP list, then  either the state does not allow shipment of alcoholic beverages or we do not currently maintain a license in that state.  This list changes periodically, so please check to see if the state that you would like delivery in is available.

No Ship States:


If you live in a no-ship state then please consider to have your shipment sent to an address in a nearby state that accepts delivery.

Shipping Policies:

We will ship your order using ground service. Air service is available and can be requested at the time of order..

When we ship, we also send a message to the email address that you have provided.  This message contains the tracking information of your shipment and an estimate on when your package should be delivered.  It is your responsibility to have an adult 21 years or older present to accept the package.  This person must be of legal age and be sober.  Our delivery agents will not leave a package with an intoxicated person.

A recommended  option to consider is using a business address for your delivery.  Usually there will be someone of age to accept your order.  Our packages come in plain brown boxes, HOWEVER, they will have a label that states “Contains Alcoholic Beverages”

We encourage you to use the shipping tracking number to monitor your shipment.  By doing this you can be aware of the day that your shipment is due for delivery and ensure that someone will be present to sign for the package.

If  there is not an adult available to sign for your package, redelivery is automatic up to three times, then the package is returned to us.  We are charged for this return service and will hold you package for 30 days, after which we will consider the order abandoned.   Under these return circumstances we will not issue a credit .  Should you contact us within this period to re-ship your order,  we will charge you both the cost of reshipment and the return fee.  We don't want this to happen, so please make sure to have someone present to sign !!  Thank you ! 

Improper Address Information

Should you supply us with an incomplete address, or an address that is not deliverable, we sometimes can detect this prior to shipment and will contact you for corrective action at no extra charge .  However should the package ship , we might be charged extra fees for corrective action by the shipper , or the shipment may be returned, or left accepted at the erroneaous address or otherwise unrecoverable, we will not issue any credits or product replacement. We will pass along to you any extra shipment charges from the shipper.  Should the product be returned to us, you will have the opportunity to have your package re-shipped for a fee and will be expected to cover any charges that we have incurred from the shipper.

 As always, PLEASE insure that the address information given to us in accurate.  We want you to get your product in a timely, efficient fashion.

Missing Shipments or Breakage

If your package has not arrived within a day or two of the expected delivery date, we encourage you to contact the shipping company directly using the tracking number provided.  If you have not been provided a tracking number or notification via email that you package was shipped,  contact us along with your name, phone number and order number if known.  We will research the issue and get back to you promptly.

Breakage in route to you is usually reported to us directly and held by the shipper. However there may be instances when the package is delivered to you and there has been breakage.  In these cases please inform the delivery driver and have it logged at the time of delivery , and  do tell us about it. If a picture can be sent to us it helps us to both resolve the issue with the shipper and for us to improve our packaging .  In case of breakage or missing shipments that have been properly addressed, we will endeavor to replace the product quickly at no charge , or, will refund your order should the product no longer be available or as requested by you.

Weather Conditions:

Weather can affect both the delivery time and condition of a product.  If you live in an area where extreme temperatures are being experienced, you can request that we hold your order until conditions are more favorable.  We hope to offer alternate packaging or shipping methods in the future to help address these issues.

Please reveiw our Terms of Service for further shipping information.


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