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Return Policy

We strive to insure that your package contains the product that you ordered.  It sounds simple, but with the vast expressions available and an occasional dropped bit, mistakes can happen.  Let us apologize now and we hope that our mistake didn't adversly affect you.  Of course, reshipment of the desired product as well as the cost of return shipping is on us.  It will always be your option to have us replace the proper bottle to you ,  or , be issued a full refund along with another apology from us.  Sorry.

What if you goofed up and ordered a Rose instead of a Rioja , and other such shortcomings ? 

We can help, and the sooner you tell us the faster it can get resolved.  Should you realize that you ordered the wrong product, contact us immediately.  We might be able to stop the shipment or even turn it around to get it back to us before it gets out to you.   If the bottle does reach your destination then simply refuse it .  That way we will be able to give you credit for the product.   Please see our shipping policy  for more details.

What about the timing on these things?  When will I get credit and when will you ship ?

If the shipment was our goof up, we will send you a return label via email.  At your option, you may wait until we recieve the bottle at which point we will ship the proper one at our expense,  or , to speed things up,  we can immediately ship out the proper product and place a temporary charge on your account for the bottle.  When we recieve the returned bottle, we will credit your account. 

On orders that you goofed on, if we were able to stop the shipment, or turn it around before you got it,  then we will immediately either issue a credit to you or ship out your desired product and any difference in the bottle cost will be credited or charged accordingly .  In addition, we will be charged by our carrier ( and hence so will you ) for any shipping charges for both the turnaround and the outbound shipping in addition to any bottle cost changes incurred. 


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